PlasBossinade and Li China Service join forces for “China-business”

P R E S S   R E L E A S E


Groningen/Utrecht, 16 May 2013 – PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen from Groningen and Li China Service, founded by lawyer Di Yung Li from Groningen, will work together from 16 May 2013. This cooperation will not only be aimed at North Netherlands, but also at the whole Netherlands. We provide high-quality legal and tax services to Dutch and Chinese companies who have “China-business”.

The European Union is a major trading partner for China. Within the EU, the Netherlands is on the second place for many years, following Germany. This means chances and opportunities. Despite the economic situation, there is still an uptrend of Dutch companies doing business or seeking to do business with China and Chinese companies doing business in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the demand for legal and tax services from Chinese communities in the Netherlands is also on the rise.

Li China Service
Li China Service was founded by Di Yung Li, who focuses specifically on legal advice and supports “China business” in the Netherlands. In addition, DiYung Li is partner of Li & Van Wieringen Advocaten en Belastingadviseur in Groningen. Li China Service has offices in Groningen and in de Randstad, therefore, we can provide our services to Chinese companies and Dutch companies in the whole Netherlands. Di Yung Li has both Dutch- and Chinese-speaking employees. He is Dutch of Chinese descent and Dutch is his mother tongue, but he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He has an extensive network in Chinese communities in the Netherlands, Chinese companies in de Randstad and China. Li China Service also cooperates with others units.

International business is crucial for Dutch companies. Doing international business requires good preparations and good legal guidance. “PlasBossinade has rich experience in the aforementioned area”, said Jan Leo de Hoop, chairman of PlasBossinade. “Besides Dutch law, we also advise on legal aspects of international issues. We draw up international contracts and we assist clients with international disputes. Several clients maintain an active relationship with Chinese companies. We also noticed that many Chinese companies are interested in taking over or setting up companies in the Netherlands. It is very important to understand Chinese culture if you want to do business with Chinese. Di Yung Li speaks Chinese and understands Chinese culture as well. More importantly, he has various contacts in China and an extensive network, which is supplementary for us, in the Netherlands. Therefore, this cooperation allows us to offer something extra to our clients.”


Di Yung Li is also glad to cooperate with PlasBossinade: “We have been trying to broaden our expertise to provide best services to our clients. Thus, we contacted PlasBossinade, a law firm with a full range of legal services. PlasBossinade is a very reputable law firm in North Netherlands, which has 45 legal professionals specializing in many different areas of law and employs fiscal and financial specialists as well. This cooperation allows us to carry out our China-business in the whole Netherlands. We reinforce each other and this cooperation is also an added value for our Dutch, Chinese and other international clients.”
Di Yung Li is also the chairman of Inspraakorgaan Chinezen (IOC). IOC is a national platform for enhancing communications between Chinese communities and Dutch government. Di Yung Li adds: “Doing business with Chinese is often through informal networks. This provides opportunities for us.”

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